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Vince Bordignon, Tim Wallace, Bill Teoh

Rich Poverty

Don't Quit Your Daydream

RICH POVERTY is the community of people who live their best lives outdoors.


We are people who enjoy the arts and how the arts give our lives meaning. Photography, videography, and literature are conduits through which our experiences can be shared.

We have photographers from around the World who enjoy the common bond of great storytelling. Stories that can be lost in the noise of the modern day.


Our goal is simple - we want to showcase great art that moves the soul.


There is no hurry, you will not see us bombard your feed. If anything, we’re rushing - rushing to slow down. Open that front door.


Step outside and Dream

Meet The Team

Tim Wallace

Lacie Slezak

Jesse Wallace

Thomas White

Katharina Gelver

Mike Traulsen


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